Internet Partners: Hardware and Software


I-Tech Hardware & Software Australia
Australia's Premier Computer Hardware & Software Store. We Supply a large range of Computer Hardware & Software in Australia catering all Computer Hardware needs for individual and business clients.

Notebook Computers in Australia
Providing a large range of quality notebook computers at great prices.

Notebook and PDA Australia
Suppling a large range of computer products and services with the latest technology at the best value. We cater for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses and corporate clients. At Notebook Only, our bottom line isn't just about dollars and cents.

U-Bute Computer Hardware
Computer hardware,software and accessories at the best prices all delivered Australia wide. Shop at U-Bute Computers from the convenience of your home and using our 128 bit secure realtime transaction payment gateway.

Cheap Computers UK - Used and New Laptops
The place to find cheap computers , laptops and used computers on the web. You will be amazed at the price savings you can make compared to the highstreet.

Notebooks Galore - Find Cheap & Used Laptops Online
You can trust my 15 years Laptop trading honesty to bring you the best, bargain priced, used & new notebooks and laptops. They come with free Microsoft Word and Excel compatible software,12 months warranty and 100%, 30days risk free money back satisfaction guarantee.

Handhelds Online sell Palm Tungsten!
Choosing a new handheld can be difficult, we're here to help you make the right decision...

Games Universe - PC or Mac Computer - Australia
Games Universe is based in Australia and sells computer games for PC/Windows, Xbox, Playstation, Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy advanced platforms and a full range of accessories and strategy guides.

PlanIT Software Services - Quality Testing Assurance
providing proven solutions for fully managed testing, web/e-business based testing, strategic outsourcing and development partnering.

*literally edible?

We frequently get asked if we make media that you can eat. We often then get asked why we are "edible" media, if you can't actually eat any of it. There are a few reasons, some of which are not made-up: we thought our produce was good enough to eat / we liked the bouncy nature and the look of the word / it seemed like a good idea at the time

all new website

This is our new website, our old one was 6 years old, and a cause of some embarrassment, but without wanting to brag, we've been too busy to give it a makeover. (Not that we're not busy now mind, its just, well have a look and you'll understand why we wanted an update!) This site is what you might call a Beta release - not everything is finished, and there will be some bugs. We expect it to be fully functional around the middle of 2008.

designer diet

What's this funny box stuck at the bottom of the page? Well its purpose is to make this page friendly to search engines, and to help to maintain Edible Media's position high in the rankings. At the beginning of 2008 we were in the top 10 sites in australia on the busiest search sites.

When we re-designed the website we made a conscious decision to not try so hard to get business from web searches. Most of our business comes from word of mouth or referrals. We see this new site as being a portfolio for those prospective clients, and as a resource for existing clients. However we still use those web promotion skills to boost the ratings of our client's websites.

So this box lists some of the key services that we provide, plus our clients sites.






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