Internet Partners: Photography and Art


Fotosphere for your Photo Enhancements, Digital Manipulation & Restoration
At fotosphere designs, we aim to combine the oldest skills of the photographer's darkroom, with modern, sophisticated digital imaging equipment and techniques. Whether meticulously restoring an old cherished photograph of a loved one, or rearranging a recent photo into a child's novelty arrangement, our attention to detail and quality is paramount.

FIRAK Artwork - specialising in figurative hebel sculpture
Artwork is a blessing that touches us all in some respects. The aim of Firak has always been to weave magic from the very world in which we live.

Teera Crafts - Thai Handcrafts, Products, Gifts & Decor
Teera Crafts offers traditional Thai Handcrafted products directly from Thailand. The items you find in our catalogs are individual, each has its own personality or character.

Bodchitta for Dharma and Feng Shui Items
Bodhichitta is a Sydney based online shop selling dharma and feng shui items and providing services to the community.

Card Craft Quilling Supplies, Sydney Australia
Card Craft is an Australian business which has been operating for 18 years. We stock magnificent paper from all over the world and have hundreds of very happy repeat customers.

Bondi Arts & Culture
Art And Culture In & Around Bondi.

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