Standard rate is $77 per hour

Photo Retouching: Can take anything from 15 minutes to an hour and a half per photo

Photo restoration: Usually 45 mins to 2 hours per photo - but really depends on the condition; contact us so you can send us a copy

Photography: on location / studio @ $110 per hour, processing and other post-production work at the stadard rate.

Logo/ Identity design: Depends on the brief but usually 6 - 12 hours . Simple text logos as part of a design brief can be less.

Brochures: Assuming all text, graphics, copy and photography provided we usuallty allow 3 hours for the front cover, then 2 hours per page.

Printing: We outsource our printing to trusted print partners, who we've chosen for quality and price. We pass the printing costs on to you directly with no markup (for iniitial print runs as part of a design job).

Stock images: we usually do not charge for stock images from our own collection used as part of a design job.

What's this funny box stuck at the bottom of the page? Well its purpose is to make this page friendly to search engines, and to help to maintain Edible Media's position high in the rankings. At the beginning of 2008 we were in the top 10 sites in australia on the busiest search sites.

When we re-designed the website we made a conscious decision to not try so hard to get business from web searches. Most of our business comes from word of mouth or referrals. We see this new site as being a portfolio for those prospective clients, and as a resource for existing clients. However we still use those web promotion skills to boost the ratings of our client's websites.

So this box lists some of the key services that we provide, plus our clients sites.






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