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We build visually interesting SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY websites. Why did we get all caps on you? Because this is the ingredient often missed by other design agencies. Building a site and then discussing web promotion is not like putting the cart before the horse. It's more like putting the cart in a bog several miles behind the horse, and then setting it on fire. (The cart, not the horse).

Web promotion and marketing must be the central approach to building a targeted successful web presence. This is probably why we go on and on about it. And also why our sites generally do so well in search-engine searches.

We do not have a fixed page-rate for development - every site is unique - we can provide a quick quote on a job that will give you a ballpark figure. We will help you develop a plan for your site - plus the content and structure that will realise that plan, and this will evolve through discussion - which is why we like to start with a ballpark figure.

"you rush a miracle man you get lousy miracles"
Miracle Max

Edible Media projects tend to evolve. We are meticulous and for this reason we will not guarantee "rush jobs". We will give you an indicator of the likely time frame with the quote or estimate.

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